The Facts are In

It’s no longer a question.  Ash trees can be saved.  Five Midwest universities1 published a study in 2009 showing that TREE-äge® Insecticide is the most effective solution
to protect ash trees against Emerald Ash Borer.




Treating with trunk injection isn’t expensive—the removal
of ash trees can be over 10 times the cost of treatments!

TREE-äge Insecticide Injections

TREE-age angledTREE-äge is injected using the Arborjet
Trunk Injection system. One TREE-äge application provides your ash trees with
two years of control against Emerald Ash Borer. TREE-äge may only be applied by licensed pesticide applicators. The injections typically take 10-15 minutes or less. A great way to speed up the injection process is to water your tree before the applicator comes to your home.


Arborjet Trunk Injections

Arborjet trunk injections seal the formulation directly inside the tree’s vascular system ensuring an accurate dose that moves quickly to the target. Trunk injections limit the need to make foliar or soil applications, and research shows greater efficacy with trunk injection.


National Tree Benefit Calculator

17-inch ash in midwest chartTrees pay us back in annual savings for things like storm water runoff, property value, and energy.

For example, a 17″ diameter ash tree in the Midwest provides $160 in annual benefits.  Calculate the value of trees near you!

1[“Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer,” a collaborative report from Ohio State, Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Illinois.]