Find a Service Provider

Click Treat my Ash Tree and enter your zipcode to find a service provider.  TREE-äge Insecticide is a Restricted Use Pesticide and can only be applied by a licensed pesticide applicator.


TREE-äge Treated vs. Non-treated Ash Trees

Sunrise Tree Care is a TREE-äge Service Provider in Illinois. Lyle recorded this in 2013 to show his customers the amazing results.

TREE-äge Treated vs. Non-treated Ash Trees – One Year Earlier

Lyle shows the same trees in 2012. You can see the thinning canopies on the non-treated ash trees, and now they are dead.

Protect your Neighborhood

Detroit 054Get the word out in your neighborhood that your ash trees CAN be saved. The tree on the left was on someone’s property and not treated– unfortunately, this tree has succumbed to EAB and will have to be removed. The parkway tree on the right was treated and will survive the Emerald Ash Borer infestation.

Petition to Local Government

Speak out to your local government officials to have your public ash trees treated and preserve the urban forest in your area.